Empowering Nature

Our Mission

Enabling producers and supply-chain users to prolong shelf-life and reduce food waste of fruit and vegetables.
By harnessing nature and empowering its natural bacterial capabilities, we provide chemical-free, 100% natural revolutionized products.

Our holistic approach has a broad-spectrum effect against mold, fungi, and other pathogens on a wide range of agriculture products and for long periods of time


Our Solution

Protection from the outside in

By applying our probiotic formula, we provide consistent protection. Our bacterial consortium consumes the nourishment and space that mold, fungi and
pathogenic bacteria thrive on.
Unlike traditional products, our products involves the probiotics continuas reproductive cycle to provide long term protection.

Sustainable, Attainable, Maintainable

Over 40% of the global yield of fresh produce is wasted throughout the food supply chain. (UN FAO)
This results in an accumulated product loss of over 400B$.

We offer a natural approach to the global problem of food waste and resource shortage.
By reducing microbial spoilage, our solution is not only sustainable but also maintainable for the long run. Creating a better world with 100% green technology.

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