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We use food safe bacteria to keep harmful pathogens away from your products

100% natural, innovative formulations which allows advantageous antimicrobial activity towards a broad spectrum of applications.

The propriety formulations include inert composition components, including various organic substances that serve as a source of nourishment, preservation and allow increased beneficial bacterial concentrations for prolonged periods of time.

By continuously reproducing millions of beneficial micron-sized colonies, it creates a long-lasting protection results in a healthy microbiome.

The natural probiotic compound consumes the nourishment and space that bacteria thrive on.
Pathogens cannot resist or develop immunity to the biological compound, making it more effective than antibiotic and chemical solutions.
Inhibiting pathogenic survival.
provides consistent protection from mold, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria
over long periods of time without diminishing efficacy and with no residue

Pathogen existence few days after traditional treatment

Pathogen existence few days after microbiome treatment

Application suitable for storage rooms, packaging and processing WH, Refrigerated containers.
Extended storage time and reduced product loss for Avocado, Persimmon, Apple, Citrus, Cherry, Berries, Pear & others.

Tested, verified, and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.
Already in use by big agriculture operations.

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